Small Business Marketing Research

Now is not the time to be shy or humble. Now is the time to blog about your Home Business Marketing MLM success! People want to hear about your MLM journey and they want to know about your successes. They even want to know about your failures and how you kept on working to find success!

Your blog is capable of being one of your best MLM recruiting tools, and here’s why: your readers want to know about you. They want to identify with you and they want someone they can look to as a role model.

They want someone who will share Home Business Marketing MLM tips and information and also tell them what to avoid. They want someone who is not afraid to put themself out there in public and make a name for themself. If you can do that, you’ll gain readers and subscribers and you’ll grow your business!

If you have not already created your own blog, I highly suggest you do so as soon as possible. If you’ve already created one, I’d like to suggest some things you could share with your readers that will really grab their attention:

Your “journey to success” story.
Your advice on what not to do. Don’t be afraid to share the stories of mistakes you’ve made – just share how to avoid or fix the mistakes as well!
Ten reasons why your opportunity kicks the butts of every other opportunity out there.
Your tips for developing a strong business plan.
Your goal setting tips.
Stories about other successful people – they don’t have to be network marketers, just stories about successful people who reached their goals through hard work and perseverance.

For those of you who are hesitating to start their own blog, I want to share with you some excellent reasons to:

It’s easy. Even people who are technologically challenged can start a blog!
You can increase traffic to your website from your blog.
You can automate your blog posts, meaning that you can write one today, and set it up to post on any date that you choose.
Google likes blogs!
You can get backlinks to your blog and increase your page rank.
More visibility and another excellent way to build your personal brand.
You can monetize your blog with Adsense and earn some extra money!
You can sell products (yours or other people’s) through your blog.
People will subscribe and you’ll have an audience that is just waiting for your next post!
If you post on a consistent basis, your reader base will increase.
Readers can post comments, which means they can participate. You can answer comments if you like, creating a sense of trust and friendship.
You will earn the reputation of being an expert!

I hope I have convinced you to either start a blog or to continue blogging with lots of energy. Blogging is an incredibly powerful way of bringing in more traffic to your Home Business Marketing MLM website and making those valuable and highly sought after sales and recruits that we all need for success!

When you let people in on your Home Business Marketing MLM journey, share your successes and your publish helpful information, they will begin to see you not only as a trusted expert, but also as a trusted friend. This will lead to continued success on your Network Marketing quest.

Funding To Start Business

Getting a bank loan is easier said than done – all kinds of paper work, formalities, guarantors, and high interest rates…. its enough to make a small business owner lose sleep.

Business cash advance or small business funding- a new concept in the economic block is proving to be a savior for small business owners and entrepreneurs, even those with bad credit history. Cash advance is a small business loan that is sanctioned against your future credit card and debit card sales.

The reputed and reliable small business funding companies pre-approves loan after understanding the nature of your business. They do not ask you to bring along a guarantor or pay hefty hidden costs.

All you need to do is to have a merchant account with a minimum monthly amount of transaction through credit card sales. Every day an agreed upon percentage of your credit card sales will go towards the repayment of your business loan till the time the complete loan amount is paid back.

Use this capital sourced from small business funding company to run, strengthen or expand your business or for any other purpose of your choice. Till recently, business owners plagued by bad credit history found it extremely difficult to get small business loans when banks were the only source to secure business loans.

But now with many private players entering in the lending market, securing loan for your business has become much easier. No matter what FICO score you have managed to secure in your credit report, bad credit small business loans are easily available in market.

Caution: If you are looking for a small business funding company then be careful of certain facts: Check out if the company is charging anything as closing cost. There is no closing cost involved in cash advance or small business funding. Plus, your bad credit history should not affect the approval or interest rate. So do not pay any extra amount to get approval.

Marketing Tips For Small Business

The prospect of starting or looking into an internet marketing business can be quite tricky, especially without much knowledge or insight into the field. Using a variety of accurate internet marketing business reviews can be a great way to shed a little bit of light on your research. But finding reviews can be as tricky as balancing a bicycle on the nose of a seal. It may seem like a circus trick, but there are tricks of the trade that can be used in order to decipher the nonsense and the spin from the truth.

One way to start looking for information about internet marketing businesses is to use a basic search engine. There are many out there that can make looking for marketing reviews easier for the consumer or the prospective business owner. Some are more reputable than others. Using search engines usually involves knowing, specifically, what to search for in order to get accurate and primary results.

A lot of the marketing opportunities available for people fail because they are unreliable and unrealistic. This is coupled with the fact that finding reputable press about the business or opportunity can be complicated, probably due to the fact that the business may not be too reputable to begin with. Using search engines and website lookup information portals can be a good first step to take in terms of looking into the reputation of a particular Internet business or marketing opportunity.

There are many opportunities out there for less than honest business people to attempt to take hard-earned money out of the pockets of web surfers. These businesses and these marketing opportunities simply rely on the ignorance of the consumer, so the alternative is to become an educated consumer and learn more about the business than the scammers believe you do. Doing this is simply a matter of having the right sources, reading the right internet marketing business reviews, and learning how to spot a scam.

Internet marketing business reviews can come from multiple sources, but a general rule of thumb is to keep an eye out for a general consensus amongst the reviewers. If a business is realistic in its business plan and worth a look, the reviewers will likely agree even if they have a difference of opinion on some of the company’s philosophy. Finding this particular type of consensus can be challenging, because of the apparent bulk of negative press available. It is a fact that consumers are more likely to give a bad comment when they are dissatisfied, yet will give no comment at all when they are completely satisfied.

There are many issues that may come into play in terms of Internet marketing business reviews. Some reviews may use testimonials to attempt to create a more realistic tone. These testimonials are not necessarily genuine and should be checked into further.

Avoid glossing over statistics, especially if the statistics in one particular internet marketing business review can be compared with those from another. If those numbers or those stats do not line up, you should start asking some serious questions about the worthiness of the company.

Reading Internet marketing business reviews can be complicated and tricky, especially because of the constant use of flowery language and avoidance tactics. Many reviews will talk about an internet marketing opportunity without actually mentioning anything about the opportunity itself. When reading internet marketing business reviews, it is important to maintain a clear focus so as to understand the actuality of what the review says and not just the spin.

Small Restaurant Business Plan

What you thought is enough to start a restaurant business could be the same thing that may cause your business downfall in less than a year. You may be an expert entrepreneur or you may have inherited a family business but have no background about restaurant and catering at all no matter the qualifications you have, some things are better studied first hand than realized later. And later could be too late.

First of all, do yourself a favor by getting to know what are restaurants and its nature. The important and primary things should never be ignored and forgotten. In this case, tell yourself first if you can handle this type of business because in case you did not know yet, restaurants are complex type of businesses. It doesn’t involve one thing alone and if you guessed it right, profit is the word.

Restaurants should be handled from food costs, labor, rent (if you don’t own the place), advertising, food quality, customer service, advertising, profit and of course, the attitude to continue with this type of business. However, the basic principles of handling a restaurant go back to how it is operated by you, the owner and the organization style you have in your agenda.

The list doesn’t stop here, restaurants also have categorization and it’s one of your basic foundations before tackling the list mentioned above. You then ask, why? Well, how would you know what type of service you can give to your customers and what type of feedback you should expect if you did not know your restaurant’s categorization in the first place?

Okay, so here’s a simple scenario. A customer can most certainly not demand a well prepared, elaborate meal from a counter service type restaurant can he? It is not just right. Having said this, we then go back to the basic principle of how to organize a restaurant. If you want to make a signature or style for your own restaurant, you can go ahead with this plan but it will be difficult to preserve and maintain this kind of approach; not to mention, expensive.

For whatever purpose it should serve though, restaurateurs should maintain focus in meeting goals for their restaurant. This also should not limit them from being open to changes and feedbacks to be able to meet customers’ preference.

Find out more of what you can do to grow your own restaurant larger than you thought you could at

Small Business Financing Options

Looking at the options for business financing loan in today’s market, one may need to know exactly the rates and terms of loan. Among the several reasons one might be looking for financing, some fundamental reasons are: starting a new business; expanding the existing business; or looking for short term financing for a crisis.
Your growing business needs cash flow. You need to invest money to make money. One of the biggest challenges for business owners in the USA and in Canada is finding and securing the right type of financing for their businesses. As getting unsecured business credit require a lot of past information, difficult to get quickly, thereby becomes hard to apply.
Most business managers have two standard approaches to this problem. The first approach is to try and negotiate quicker payments from clients. Unfortunately, this seldom works and clients almost always have the upper hand. The second approach is to go to the bank for business loans. Traditionally, business owners flock to banks when they needed business financing.However, the majority fail to get the business loan because they did not meet the bank’s tough lending standards. Your success in obtaining bank financing will depend in your company’s balance sheet and track record.
There are companies in New York that can help to get a start up loan for your business or even a business expansion loan. In fact you might get lucky enough to work directly with a local bank, if you have good credit, but due to the recent strict regulations the government has imposed you may not be able to get the amount you are hoping to get. You may have to consider using a company for that, or visit your local online small business association. There are plenty of options available as business loans newyork for business loans.

Make sure you check with different lenders and ask what their approval criteria are before you let them run credit checks on your business loan applications. Using unsecured business credit to grow your business has a number of advantages. It is still wise to be realistic, and use your diligence about what to expect before making any applications. It is only you who can decide which finance option to choose for your business because sometimes you are lucky to get financing offers and sometimes you have to take what you can get.

How Do I Do A Business Plan

A business plan is essential to have for all new small business owners or potential owners. It is beneficial to all concerned if a business plan is written up before starting to spend money. If you do not write a business plan it is like trying to find your way around a room with a blindfold on.

You will not know which way you are going, what problems will create trouble for you and eventually you will totally lose your way and come to a slow grinding halt, scared to move in any direction.

A written business plan will help organise your ideas and bring them together in some sort of order which you can use to help you go forward with your business operation.

If you are going into a partnership you will definitely benefit because you will have down on paper all the thoughts in the partnership and you will all be able to stay focused on the same goal.

From the point of view of finance, with all your assets and costs written down you to have a clear picture of what cash you have, what finance you need to arrange and how you are going to pay back any finance that you borrow. If you are in partnership you will be able to have in your business plan any differences in funds being added in to the business by each partner and how the partnership plans on handling the repayment to each partner.

Once you know your financial situation you will be able to go ahead with your set up cost analysis and the financing if you are borrowing monies.

From there another extremely important point to look at in a business plan for a small business is the marketing. No marketing or marketing incorrectly can make or break a small business. By having this set out in your business plan you will have a much better idea of what you need to do, when you need to do it and how you are going to fund it. Then when you know these details you can go ahead and write a more detailed marketing plan which you should include with the business plan if you are going to be presenting it to any lenders.

Another point of your business plan is to assess the competition and also look at any other negative factors that may impact on your business.

You can see the important role that a business plan plays in setting up your business. Most new business owners are so keen to get their business up and running that they do not complete this step, but believe me you will be sorry if you do not. It is hard putting on the brakes in the early stages when you are so excited, but your small business has a much greater chance of success if you look at all the criteria before spending any money.

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Resources For Small Business Owners

Poor small business marketing is one of the major causes of early small business failure. Poor small business marketing not only fails to get new and loyal customers, it also wastes small business marketing resources. Three major reasons account for this waste.

1. Failing to conduct small business marketing research.

2. Failing to target your best potential customers.

3. Failing to create a small business marketing plan to guide your business.

Small Business Marketing Mistake 1: Not Utilizing Small Business Marketing Research.

You may be wasting your small business marketing resources if you are not researching your product, competition and market. The few resources that you’ll save by not doing this research, will cost you much more in wasted marketing and lost sales.

Failing to gather the information that this research provides, forces you to base marketing on inaccurate or incomplete data and increases the odds that you will waste your marketing efforts.

Furthermore, without research to guide small business marketing decisions, business owners are less likely to approach marketing strategically, are more likely to make individual disjointed marketing efforts, and are less likely to win new and loyal customers.

A little money spent on research upfront can assure that your marketing to the right people and in the right way to be most successful. In fact, your target market is so important that it is covered as the second of the three major ways that small business owners waste their marketing resources.

Small Business Marketing Mistake 2: Not Targeting The People Most Likely To Become Customers

If you don’t want to waste your marketing resources, you need to pick a target market and direct all your marketing to them. Otherwise, you market to everybody and don’t sell much to anybody.

If you think everybody will want to buy your products or services, you are just plain wrong, and you’re wasting marketing resources. If you instead take time to identify the people who really need and want what you sell, your marketing efforts will be far more effective.

Thus, your investment in target market research will return you much more in sales, and save you from wasting your marketing money on tactics that don’t work well.

Plus, target market research helps small business owners to:

focus on your best potential customers,

discover the best appeals for this target market, and

assure that your marketing plan includes at least seven tactics to reach your target market annually.

Target market research provides small business owners with information about:

the members of your target market,

the best media to reach your target market members,

the best emotional and rational appeals to include in your marketing messages.

how much spending power they have and what price they will pay.

Including this information in a small business marketing plan, will greatly improve return on marketing investments.

Small Business Marketing Mistake 3: Not Creating And Following A Small Business Marketing Plan

The third mistake is a result of the first two mistakes. Until you have done research on your product, competition and target market, you cannot plan the best way to spend your small business marketing resources. When you have not planned how to best spend your marketing resources, you can be persuaded to spend ineffectively.

If you think that the only reason to have a marketing plan is because lenders want to see one in your business plan, then you are missing a valuable guide for your business and marketing.

This results in failing to determine the marketing strategies and investments that produce the greatest positive return on investment (marketing ROI). Not planning what small business marketing strategies will best lead to marketing goals, leaves small business owners easily distracted by sales people.

Many sales people play on the small business owner’s lack of marketing planning in order to sell marketing and advertising that do not move the business closer to its goals. A well-developed small business marketing plan is the best defense against sales people who will waste the business owners marketing resources in order to meet their own sales goals.

Don’t waste your small business marketing resources just because a sales person has a “great” promotion on media advertisements. If the advertisements don’t reach your target market, the promotion is not great for your business.

The same is true for sales people who offer marketing products and services. If you don’t have a marketing or business plan, you will fail to recognize when these are inappropriate for your target market. When you buy products and services that don’t advance your business toward your marketing goals, you waste resources and sacrifice the opportunity to use those resources on tactics that would reach your goals.

Marketing On Internet

Determining whether or not your Internet marketing campaign is working for you is a very important part of the advertising process. This is so important because while there is a great deal of Internet marketing which can be done without a great deal of expense, other types of Internet marketing do have financial costs associated with them. Also, in both cases there is a time and energy burden to orchestrating the Internet marketing. For all of these reasons it is important for business owners to continuously evaluate their marketing techniques and strategies to determine what is working and what is not. This will help the business owner to focus his efforts on marketing strategies which are providing positive results as opposed to those which are either not providing results or are only providing lackluster results. This article will examine a few different marketing strategies as well as how business owners can evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies.

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the most cost effective Internet marketing strategies available. This marketing strategy involves having other website owners known as affiliates post an advertisement on their websites to direct Internet traffic to your website. This marketing strategy is cost effective because in most cases the affiliate is only paid when he produces a desired result such as enticing an Internet user to click through the advertisement or to purchase a product or service once they click through the ad. While the business owner is only paying for the advertisement when it produces a desired effect, it is still worthwhile to evaluate the effectiveness of these ads to determine whether or not they are working well.

Fortunately affiliate marketing ads have a natural feedback mechanism which makes it easy to evaluate how well the ad is working. This feedback is provided in the form of code imbedded in the advertisement which specifies which affiliate generated the website visitors. This information is provided for the purposes of issuing payment to the affiliate but it can also provide the business owner with useful information on which affiliate ads are the most effective. This information is especially useful when the affiliates are posting different ads. The business owner may conclude the ads posted by the more successful affiliates are more appealing to potential customers and may opt to use this style of ad for all of their affiliates.

Business owners who use Internet marketing strategies such as posting on message boards to promote their business might want to consider asking customers to complete a short survey when making a purchase. This survey can include useful demographic information which is always helpful for marketing as well as information regarding where the customer learned of the products or services you offer. Including the message board web address as one of the responses will give you a good indication of whether or not the message boards are helping to drive customers to your website. You may also have some unofficial feedback in terms of the response to your postings on the message board. If the general consensus is in support of your posts, you may infer you are generating some interest in your business or website through this tactic.

Finally, an Internet marketing strategy can be evaluated by studying website traffic results as well as sales receipts. Anytime you implement a new Internet marketing strategy or technique it is worthwhile to study your website traffic reports and sales receipts carefully to determine whether or not there is a spike in either traffic or sales immediately after the marketing effort. For example, if you send out an e-newsletter to those who have requested additional information about your products or services, you may notice there is an increase in traffic or sales soon afterwards. This is a good indication the e-newsletter was well received and effective. However, if there is not a marked increase in traffic or sales subsequent to the e-newsletter it indicates the marketing effort was not effective.


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Creating A Business Plan For A Small Business

A business plan is a very important part of any business. It is usually drawn up before the business launches, but can also be developed after a business has already taken off. A good plan can take some time to develop but the effort you put into it will be well worth it to make your business succeed. Not many people know exactly what goes into a good business plan. What a lot don’t realize is that each business plan is unique to each business. Just because a Candy Shop’s business plan is successful for them doesn’t mean it will be successful for a Webhosting business. Though the design of the business plan may be similar, it is truly the details inside that make it work.

Here is an example outline of a business I developed for . This will give you an idea of some of the subjects that go into a good business plan:

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission

2.0 Company Summary
2.1 Company Ownership
2.2 Company History (for ongoing companies) or
Start-up Plan (for new companies)
2.3 Company Locations and Facilities

3.0 Products and Services
3.1 Product and Service Description
3.2 Business Advertising Program
3.3 Sourcing and Fulfillment
3.4 Technology

4.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
4.1 Customers, Target Market & New Technology
4.2 Competitive Edge
4.3 Marketing
4.4 Main Competitors
4.5 Strategic Alliances
4.6 Milestones

5.0 Web Plan Summary
5 Development Information

6.0 Management Summary
6.1 Organizational Structure
6.2 Personnel Plan

7.0 Financial Plan
7.1 Break-even Analysis
7.2 Projected Profit and Loss
7.3 Projected Balance Sheet

As you can see it seems a little complex, but the best thing to do is to break it down into parts. Usually each category(Category 1-7) will remain the same on most business plans. Some categories may be added in or taken out all together. The key is to provide as much essential data as possible. For example on Number 5.0 – Web Plan Summary. You business plan mike look something like this:

Part: 5.0 Web Plan Summary
5 Development Information has already developed the necessary tools for business including:

– Business Identity
Our logo is unique to us, displaying a eye appealing, unique symbol that when seen can be easily recognized as creating brand labelling.

– Ecommerce service features a fully operational ecommerce website system that allows products to be added through an admin section on the site. It also has the ability to take, receive and process orders, remove sold products, creating promotional offers and coupons/vouchers and also displaying featured products on the front page of the website. Also included in the ecommerce program is an area to add, create and manage website ads placed on the

– Website development
All graphics for the website development have already been developed, coded and integrated into the ecommerce system. The website is live and taking orders on

– Products
Development needed products(such as logos) have already be developed and an inventory of over 150 products are on the website at any given time. As soon as logo is sold(as well as during down times) a new logo/new logos are being developed to the highest of quality and added back onto the website.

– Marketing Material
Marketing plan and materials are in the works.

As you can see from above what details are given have already been researched and found out. There aren’t any comments from a personnel stand point, just facts that have proven. You can also project different areas of your business plan but you will have to do some research on this as well. So when you are developing your business plan you want to deal with facts and information you already have or can get(not comments or guesses).

When developing a good business plan, research is definitely key. The effort you put into it will determine the effort you will put into your business.

Short Business Plan Template

A barbershop business may not sound attractive to many enthusiastic entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have money in it. Hair styling is one of the fastest growing industries. If you can manage your barbershop properly then you can easily generate massive profits. Many entrepreneurs have already shared their stories where they have a fortune out of their barbershop business.

To get started with your barbershop business, you will need to have a business plan. You can simply use a template as a skeleton and fill it up with information related to your business. If you don’t understand anything about a business plan or you simply need to find professional help to reduce time business plan writing takes, you can use a software program or contact any professional plan writing firm. A quick search online will reveal plenty of those.

One of the most important things about barbershop business is to be friendly with your customers. You will have to humanize. People like talking about different things when they come for a haircut. If you listen to them and show some interest, you will gain good number of returning clients. Unlike other business where impersonal transactions are a routine, barbershop is a more humanized business where your transactions need to be personal. This will help your business grow quickly.

Normally, business don’t have enough time for customer engagement. Fortunately, barbershop business enjoys more time with customers compared to other businesses. If you want to take advantage, make the best use of this time. Engage the customers so that they have a good time when getting a haircut. Moreover, you can create appeal beyond ordinary offerings to ensure customer returns.

Your business will thrive when you spend money on big things like costly advertisement, shop front, and other marketing campaigns. However, this is not the only thing that can make a difference. Sometimes, small things like a big-screen TV, posters, and even music playing in the barbershop can make all the difference. When you focus on big budget campaigns, don’t just ignore these small things. These things play a massive part to define overall customer experience.

Ideally, your barbershop business will thrive once you keep these aspects in mind and choose the right location for your shop. However, the reality is a little different. You will fail at making any money if you cannot manage people. Barbershop business requires efficient people management skills. If you lack these skills, you should take a short course and develop necessary skill.

Finally, your barbershop business will require money to start and keep its everyday operations running. If you don’t have a proper financial plan, step backwards and prepare a plan before going ahead with your business. You may find it extremely difficult to survive if you don’t have a financial plan.

When starting a barbershop business, you will need to start with a solid business plan. It will not only ensure success but you will also have a road map to follow. Moreover, you will attract investors and have a higher chance of securing loans.

The Single Recommended Model To Apply For free barbershop business plan sample Disclosed, The Single Preferred Strategy You Need To Use For The barbershop business plan Showcased

Free Advertising For Small Business

Online advertising campaigns can be, and quite often are, expensive and innefective unless you have what can only be described as a mega advertising budget.

Unfortunately for most of us, we don’t possess such vast amounts of cash that we can comfortably throw at our advertising campaigns. So, it’s of paramount importance that we squeeze every single cents worth from every dollar we spend.

With economy in mind most of us turn towards the free advertising mediums regardless of their effectiveness and fool ourselves into beleiving that even though it’s free. If we spend enough time and energy using it and submitting to it that we will eventually be rewarded with the results we desire.

How true is this, and are there any other avenues open to the business owner or online promoter which will truly deliver on their promises.

I doubt there is anyone online that has not tried submitting to FFA, free for all pages, free link submitters, email submitters, blog submitters, safelist submitters and lately isp submitters. All of which can be found for free with a little searching or determination and if not free can be purchased for pennies from Ebay.

But in our rush to try these useless pieces of junk we forget the most valueable possession we have, and that’s our time, and we waste it by the bucket full hoping to get results from this online twoddle.

It seems that everything has its day, and the days of the above mentioned programs and software have long since gone, obvious when you consider that programs and software that you would have paid as much as $197.00 is now available on Ebay for as little as $1.50.

Ffa pages and email promotions were the bes kness in online promoting ten years ago, but with the emergence of ever more efficient spam controls and punishments and the fact that nobody visits ffa pages any longer, they have both been relegated to the marketing archives.

Along with them go the worse than useless pieces of junk such as blog submitters, isp submitters and the laughable link submitter.

Blog submitters just simply do not work. The idea behined this software was that, at the push of a button a link to your website would be automatically distributed to millions of blogs, giving you millions of back links to your site and in the process pushing your site high up in the search engine rankings.

What the peddlars of these programs omit to tell you is that to get your site linked to a blog you must approach the owner of the blog and ask their permission. If you could randomely place a link on millions of blogs, don’t you think the owners of those blogs would be a little p’ssed off and would make a point of deleting your unwelcome link and contacting you with some suitably verbal abuse for not asking permission first.

The exact same applies to link submitters, they purely and simply do not work.

As for isp submitters, well they take second prize as being the most useless of all the submitters. They apparently submit your advert to the desk tops of million, no billions of computers throughout the world and when theuser of the computer closes down up pops your advert. What you only discover, after you have puerchsed it, is that if any of the isp’s you are targeting are protected by a firewall your advert will not reach its destination.

It seem pretty obvious to me, that if you are using the Internet and you don’t want all sorts of unwelcome crap on your computer, not to mention multiple viruses, you are going to use a firewall to protect yourself. Now it doesn’t take a genius to see that if you take these precautions that 99.99999% of the online world will be doing likewise. So into the recycle bin goes isp submitters.

Safelist submitters in my opinion get the top prize, the oscar for useless online twonk. Check out any of the thousands of programs available and the first thing they advise you to do is open anemail account where all your emails from other users can be sent so you can delete them without ever seeing them. Der, if you are being advised to do this, then where may I ask you are your emails going.

Yes, you’ve guessed correctly, directly into severy other subscribers junk mail account, to be deleted before ever being read.

Having said all of that, each of these programs or pieces of software may have had their uses in the past and now we have to look to the future of free online marketing.

The future of free online marketing rest solely in the hands of the Search Sub Engine. This is the latest and in my opinion, probably the only one which will still be around and effective for many years to come. Its effectiveness should stand the test of time simply because its concept is based on familiarity and demand.

Allow me to explain, the Search Sub Engine is a site rotation system, which allows every user to reach the #1 search position for their particular category, much the same way as you would reach the top of your category if you were seling an item on an auction site, so familiar.

As for demand, everyone, and I mean everyone wants, even craves traffic, the Search Sub Engine delivers that traffic, and it does that simply by guaranteeing that you will reach the top spot for your search category. This is a position we all strive to reach with the search engines, and we chase this coveted position because we know that upon reaching it, a whole world of traffic will come racing into our business, that’s exactly what the Search Sub Engine wil do for your business.

The big difference between the Search Sub Engine and the standard search engine is that you don’t need all the other associated programs or software to get there, you just submit your listing and the Search Sub Engine does the rest. And it does it for free.

What Is Marketing In Business

Starting your own Internet business can be a very daunting task but thankfully there are ways to make the process run a little smoother. Internet marketing business reviews are a great tool to find out which businesses are profitable and which ones to stay away from. With all of the scams and empty promises out there, it can be quite difficult to make an educated decision.

A large number of online business fail within the first few months of operation. A good reason for this is that people aren’t choosing the right type of businesses and also may not have done all the proper research before jumping in. Just like any other business, there is a certain amount of planning and preparation that needs to be done in order to make your online venture a success. A good place to start when planning your own business is to seek out Internet marketing business reviews.

These types of reviews go over in great detail the dos and don’ts of a successful online marketing campaign in order to prevent you from making the same mistakes others have made in the past. They will provide you with information on which types on online businesses have been successful and also be able to work with you on your current endeavor to find the perfect solution for you.

Many people dream of being able to work from home but most think it’s an unattainable goal. However, with the Internet becoming larger by the day more and more people are discovering that it is not only possible but can be quite profitable as well. And no matter what your skill level with computers is, you are sure to be able to find something that is interesting and a good fit.

Start up costs for home Internet businesses are generally much lower than if you were to start a storefront or office space business. You don’t have to rent a building, at first you might not even need any staff other than yourself. As the business grows and you start bringing in more money, you would eventually be in a position to hire someone. At first, most Internet businesses are run by just one person, the business owner.

One thing that Internet marketing business reviews are helpful in is realizing the steps you will need to take to get started. You most likely will not have to take out a huge loan or sell your house just to start an online business, which is something that many people don’t realize. However, there will be expenses and it is good to be prepared for these costs ahead of time. The type of business you choose to run will be the determining factor on how much you should be prepared to have on hand when staring the business. Reviews of other similar businesses will give you some indication of the amount you should have available.

The biggest mistake that people make when starting a new business is not doing the proper research. Once the business is started, they realize that there is so much that they did not take into consideration. Researching your business through Internet business marketing reviews is a crucial way to increase your chances of success.

The dream of working from home does not have to just be a dream. With careful planning, a little hard work, and proper research through reviews, your dream can quickly become a reality.

Business Plan Projections

How to Write a Winning Business Plan is a must if you are thinking of starting a new business.

A business plan shows you your business journey from your starting point and how you are going to reach your 3 year objectives.

By planning ahead you’ll be able to show yourself and your lender exactly how you are going to make your profits, what products or services you are selling and the profile of the customers who are going to purchase these products.

Your business plan has two main sections – your tactical plans in the first 12 months and your finances.

Even in TV investor shows such as “Dragons Den” they always ask for sales and profit projections by year for the first 3 years — then they’ll ask you how much each product or service costs to make or develop and the selling price; providing your profit per item sold.

If you can develop these and know how many you need to sell then you are almost there in terms of your plan.

Then it’s down to marketing and attracting the right customers in volume for them to know about your business and to actually purchase your products.

That’s business in a nutshell but most people skip past these sections and believe that customers will purchase their products just by them offering them for sale.

Your business plan format should follow the following contents that every business plan :

– Executive summary
– External Analysis
– Internal Analysis
– SWOT Analysis
– Your products and services
– Target customer demographics
– Strategies, Objectives, Plans
– Marketing plans
– Management Team and staff
– Finance forecasts

Those are fairly straight forward categories to work on. External analysis is important because generally these are areas you have no influence on at all. Economic trends and trends in your own industry are at the macro level and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to influence those.

For internal analysis – this is your business where it’s only you that can influence how your company behaves.

Once you have this analysis you’ll be able to undertake your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) – the first two are from your internal analysis and the last two from your external analysis.

The SWOT is important because it shows where you have highlighted potential gaps in the market place that you’ll going to exploit, those products that people want but are perhaps not in the market and how you are going to satisfy those needs.

Then it’s up to you. You know how you are better than your competitors and how they behave. You can then develop your own plans on how your business is going to capitalise on the opportunities you have seen.

Put all of this into one document and you have created your own business plan.

Free Small Business Tools

There are many free blogging tools on the market, but loading up your blog with all of the free accessories that you can find is not necessarily a good idea. While it may be tempting to add a visitor counter, a flashy background, an exciting new font, and a cluster of quirky animated gifs to your blog, this kind of plan can easily backfire. The key to getting the most from free blog tools is being selective. It is a great idea to learn about all of the kinds of free blogging tools that are available so that you can make an informed decision about what to add to your blog but try to remember that just because you can have something doesn’t mean that you need it. Practice restraint and only choose the options that you think will really be useful. If you can find out how many visitors are reading your blog by checking your traffic statistics, a visitor counter is likely to add unnecessary clutter to your page. If your blog is text-based, a flashy background can be more of a distraction than an benefit Be realistic about assessing what kinds of blog accessories will help you realize your vision and improve your site. Remember that even a blog tool that doesn’t cost you any cash may not be an asset in the long run blogging

For Business Owners
If you run a small company, you may find that the world of blogging for business owners is a world that you want to be a part of. Blogging is a great way to get the word out to consumers about your product or service, and it can even be useful for inspiring employee loyalty and helping you keep your workers at peak morale. If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level, consider what starting a blog might be able to do for you. Blogging for business owners has a lot in common with all other types of blogging, but it has its own unique pitfalls and strengths. The key to having a successful blog as a business owner is keeping your goals clear and concrete at every step of your blogging adventure. It can be all to easy to get sidetracked, especially if you are just learning about the exciting possibilities of blogging technology, but if you want your blog to succeed you need to stay focused. Write up a plan for how often you will update, how you will promote your blog and retain readers, whether you will feature photographs or video, and other aspects of your blog, and then stick to it with the same kind of determination that you used when you built your company.

Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Unless your small business is situated under a rock, you’ve probably heard something about email marketing by now, and you may have even wondered if it’s time for your small business to get into it.

In its simplest terms, email marketing means communicating with consumers through email. But there’s a big difference between trying to talk to consumers who never asked to be talked to in the first place, and talking to your own customers, who at some point have said, “Yes, I’d love to hear from you.”

That’s where permission email marketing comes in. Permission email marketing means giving valuable information to consumers who have requested to receive it. It is the ONLY legitimate way to send an email marketing campaign, and it is the only way your small business can benefit from email marketing.

But how do you get your customers to say “I do”?

If you have an online business, or if your offline business has a website that receives many visitors, compiling subscribers can be as easy as adding a subscription box to your website. You would offer users something valuable, like a periodical newsletter or emails with discount coupons and, in return, your users would subscribe to your mailing list.

Sounds great. But what if your business is primarily offline, and what if you don’t even have a website?

Many businesses think that’s reason enough to step out of email marketing altogether. But what they are missing here is that compiling a permission email marketing list offline can be as easy, if not easier in some instances, as building a list online.

We have advised many clients on tips to collect email addresses at the point of purchase. Here are some of our favorite tactics:

– Collect business cards, Offer a prize.
This is one of the oldest, most proven methods of collecting customer information in-store. Your prize doesn’t even have to be huge. If you own a restaurant, it can be as simple as a free dinner for two. If you own a hair dresser, it can be as easy a 50% off coupon towards their next cut. The beauty here is that customers who submit their business cards have expressed genuine interest in your products or services. So when you contact them by email with further offers, you know you’re talking to people who want to buy what you’re selling.

The one thing to keep in mind here is that you MUST inform users that by submitting their business cards, they are agreeing to receive email communication from you. This can be as simple as adding a sign to the business card drop-off box saying: “We will send you an email to notify you if you have won. We may also send you periodical emails with special offers and announcements. If you do not wish to receive emails from us, please write ‘No Email’ on your business card.”

– Start a V.I.P. Club
Many consumers like the idea of belonging to something exclusive, and receiving offers that are extended only to a select group of people. The labor on your part is minimal. It’s as easy as keeping a notebook by the cashier. As a customer comes up to complete a purchase, casually tell them about your businesses’ V.I.P. Club and ask them if they would like to join. Customers will appreciate this if you position it as a rewards club, or a way to say “Thank you, we love to have you around” to your most loyal customers. Of course, you should offer V.I.P. Club membership to any of your consumers, as you may find, once you start emailing them offers, that’s a great way to build your most loyal customers. Make sure the offers you send them are, in fact, exclusive, and that you email V.I.P. Club members often enough, but not too often to become annoying (once or twice a month is usually a good interval).

Again, when you’re collecting customer emails for the V.I.P. Club, make sure your customers know they are signing up to receive email offers from you.

These are just some ideas to get your permission email marketing subscriber list started. The best news here is that compiling a list is actually the toughest part of managing an email marketing campaign. As long as you’re using an email marketing manager program that’s specifically designed for small businesses like yours, the rest of the process is a breeze.

Creating a campaign involves little more than selecting a professionally-designed template, typing text and choosing a few good images. Your campaigns will be scheduled and sent automatically, so you’ll never have to worry about being involved in that part.

What you will get to do (and this is probably the most exciting and most rewarding part of email marketing), is analyze your campaign after it’s been sent. You’ll be able to see how many people opened your email message, how many people clicked on each link within the message and, best of all, exactly who did what. Now that’s what we call accurate, detailed, and immediate consumer research (you actually get to track your consumers’ actions from the exact moment they happen). And while you would previously pay a fortune just to get this research data, today your small business can send professional email marketing campaigns and track detailed consumer behavior for less than it would cost you to print store flyers.

It’s the new age of marketing, and there’s never been a better time for your offline small business to get into the game.

Small Business Financial Plan

Many years ago, I worked for a small insurance company. Just like many other businesses, we shut down operations for the Christmas holiday. As it happens, this one eventful year Christmas fell on a Monday. The company also gave their employees the preceding Friday off, thereby granting a fourday holiday.

The weather that Christmas season was bitterly cold, as it often is in that part of Virginia. The maintenance staff turned off the heat in our 7-story building to save on costs. Unfortunately, they neglected to turn off the water. I received a call Sunday afternoon informing me there was a serious problem. Apparently, a major water pipe had ruptured on one of the upper floors.

When I arrived at the building there were literally large sheets of ice emanating from all the windows down the sides of the building. Upon entering, I could see just how disastrous this ruptured pipe, unattended for several days, was going to be. The ceiling tiles on every floor had broken away and fallen into the work areas. All the desks, file cabinets, computer equipment and so on were covered in debris, ice and water.

We obviously had no choice but to turn the heat back on in order to melt the ice. As the ice melted it just further compounded the water problem. Most floors in the building had a foot or more of standing water. The water damage to file folders and documents, electronic equipment, furniture and everything else in the building was devastating.

It took many months to completely recover from what we later referred to simply as the incident”. Many important insurance documents were permanently lost. Much of the computer equipment and other electronics were damaged beyond repair.

Amazingly, the company had made no plans for such a disaster. There was no way to quickly move data processing requirements to a backup location. There was no offsite storage for the microfilm records used to back up the paper documents. Most of the microfilm, stored in metal canisters, survived. The majority of microfilm readers did not since electronics and water just don’t mix.

The company survived, but just by a bare thread. We were unable to process premium payments for many weeks, and people who were expecting insurance payments did not receive them in a timely manner. There were a number of lawsuits. It was, to put it bluntly, a total mess.

Business Continuity is one of those topics that just doesn’t receive the level of discussion it requires. Too many business owners completely ignore it altogether. That can be a fatal mistake.

Business Continuity is all about planning for the unforeseen events that can occur. Many people also call it disaster planning or contingency planning. No one likes to think about such eventualities, but as the saying goes, stuff happens”.

Developing a business continuity plan involves making a thorough review of your overall business structure and identifying potential weak links in that structure. Some of these weak links are internal to your business, while some are external. A good business continuity plan will examine all of the what if” scenarios that could adversely affect your business, and then identify possible contingencies.

Every aspect of your business needs to be considered: ownership, product or raw material sources, sales mechanisms (web site, storefront, et cetera), distribution chains, customer support, accounting, financial reporting, and so on.

These what if” possibilities will be different for every business. It would be impossible for me to account for every possible manifestation in this article. Instead, I will discuss some of the more commonly overlooked things that can happen. It will be up to you to extrapolate from that discussion in order to identify potential fatal links within your own business environment, and develop appropriate contingency plans. I can only ask the questions.


Is your business dependent on a single key person? Such a person could be the owner, product developer, web site manager and so on. In such a case, that person represents a single point of failure. What happens to your business if something happens to that person? For instance, if your product derives from the efforts of one person, do you have a way to mitigate the effect of that person no longer being available? It can happen.

Do you keep all your accounting and financial records in a one place? Do you have backup records in an offsite location? What would happen to your business if there were a fire, flood, earthquake, or other circumstance that destroyed those records? Do you have a plan in place to recover from such an event? It amazes me the number of people who don’t back up their computer or paper records. If the hard drive on your computer failed, could you continue your operations?

Do you keep your inventory of products in a single place? What would happen if you experienced a fire or flood in that location? Would you have a way to quickly replenish your stock? Would you be able to continue to fulfill orders in a timely fashion? If the answer is no, you have yet another single point of failure.

In the Mobile, Alabama area where my wife and I live, we are at the mercy of hurricanes each year. In the case of Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Katrina, we lost our power and phone service for nearly a week. If something like that happened to you, do your customers have a secondary way to contact you, or you to contact them? Do you provide your customers with a cell phone number where they can reach you? Is there some local facility (e.g., library, Internet caf) where you could go to check your email?


If you purchase your product or raw materials from a wholesaler, is that company your only source? What happens to your business if that company has a fire, flood, or folds its tent? Do you have a secondary source you can quickly switch to? With the company I ran many years ago, I primarily used three distributors as the source for most of my products. But I also had arrangements with several others I could utilize if necessary. These companies had my TaxID, reseller, and other information already on file. If I had to make a switch, that switch would have been seamless from the perspective of my customers.

Are you dependent on a single carrier for your product delivery? What happens to your ability to deliver your product if members of that carrier go on strike? It happens. Just as with your suppliers, do you have a contingency plan for moving to a backup carrier if needed?

What about the company that hosts your web site? This is a very crucial consideration if your primary sales vehicle is via online means. What happens to your business if that hosting company has a fire or flood? Do they have a contingency plan in place to move operations to an offsite location? If they don’t, do you have a way to quickly move to another hosting service? What happens if they go out of business? Do you have backups of your own web site (including your shopping cart/order database) that you could move?


As I said, this list is not meant to be all-inclusive. Much depends on your particular business operations. But you do need to consider the possibilities, and their potential adverse impact. Consider all the possibilities.

My recommendation would be to develop a document to define your plans and courses of action for business continuity. It doesn’t have to be complicated; three columns is all you need:

1) Potential disaster scenario,

2) Potential impact on your business (you can use a 1-5 rating system for this 1 being low impact, 5 being catastrophic)

3) Contingency Plan

Obviously, the higher the impact rating, the more important it is to define a contingency plan. But don’t just ignore it. Your business can survive many disaster situations, but only if you plan ahead.